A Fallout: Equestria top-down shooter game

First public team death match mode demo

November 18, 2023

As promised, first public demo is here.

You can:

  • Try out gameplay, including combat system.
  • Check character controls.
  • See new, exclusive and shiny PipBuck 2100 by @DeadAir

What you WON’T see: more than 1 map and more than 1 game mode. This demo was prepared in a short time to be able to get player feedback in realtime. Unfortunately many people have unrealistic expectations and that’s sad.

Please, report bugs in our Discord in #game-en channel, and don’t forget to ping @Shimmermare

Downloads and installation instruction

Until we have the launcher ready, new releases will be available on GitHub: https://github.com/Megaspell/Megaspell-Releases


There will be another blogpost in the end of the month. We will tell you about what’s next, including info about next demo - story of Stable 55. Also, we answer your popular questions.